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Spring rolls

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Panda House Glasgow

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Whether you always order your fave or fancy something different, Chinese Cuisine offers an incredible range of exotic flavour to savour. Different regions specialise in different styles. Northern China favours simple dishes based with soft, warm noodles and delicious dumplings. Southern China loves fiery chillies. Western China is the place for hot and hearty Halal. Eastern China prefers its flavours sweet and light. And Central China can’t get enough of spicy seasonings that bring the heat.

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Popular Chinese dishes

Some light inspiration from some incredible cuisine
Spring rolls
Sweet and sour
Chicken foo yung
Spring rolls

Spring rolls are one of the most popular Chinese starters our customers request when they order takeaway online. These paper thin pancakes, filled with vegetables, poultry, seafood or meat, are rolled up and deep fried until crispy.

Traditionally they were made or gifted to celebrate the arrival of spring (hence the name!) but they taste great dipped in a variety of sauces at any time of the year.

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