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Scoffable BREW: Now available in selected takeaways across Scotland

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Written by Michael Brown
Aug 11, 2023
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Try Scoffable BREW with your next takeaway for the ultimate taste.

Today, we are excited to announce that bottles of Scoffable BREW are available to order individually from selected takeaways on Scoffable.  This marks the next step in expanding the opportunity for people to try BREW before they commit to buying a full case.

Launched in April this year, Scoffable BREW is a premium, sparkling, flavoured soft drink.  It's hand-crafted in small batches and made right here in Scotland.  We spent more than three years working on an authentic recipe which doesn’t rely on artificial sweeteners to create the ultimate taste.  If you missed it, you can read our original announcement to learn more.

We think that BREW pairs perfectly with your favourite takeaway meal.  Initial availability is limited, so remember to add BREW to your basket when ordering your next takeaway.

Which takeaways and restaurants can I order Scoffable BREW from?

We have compiled a list of initial takeaways and restaurants that are stocking Scoffable BREW below.  Alternatively, for personalised search results, visit our homepage, enter your postcode and use the "BREW" cuisine type filter to show places that deliver to you.








South Lanarkshire


West Lothian

Where else can I order Scoffable BREW?

If you are not within range of takeaways and restaurants that sell Scoffable BREW (or simply want to stock your fridge) you can order cases of 12 bottles from our dedicated shop.  We offer next working day delivery to most of the UK.

12x Bottle Case of Scoffable BREW

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